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Cold Chain Management for Vaccines


The Cold Chain process involves the transportation and storage of vaccines within the safe temperature range of 2oC - 8oC at ALL times from manufacture to administration.

If the cold chain is not maintained the vaccines may be inactivated or their shelf life reduced. Vaccines can be inactivated by getting too hot, freezing or exposure to light (direct sunlight or fluorescent light).


How WE Keep Products Refrigerated during Transit


During transit of vaccines, we maintain the Vaccine temperature according to manufacturers' guidelines. To maintain the temperature in moblie refrigerator, we follow the following guidelines.


Pre-cool the insulated container


Instead of double-bagging our products, we line the inside of the EPS container with 2 mm or thicker plastic liner and absorbent material.


Arrange products compactly inside the insulated container, allowing space for coolants. Place sufficient amount of coolants on top of and around the products.   


Fill all void space with EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene. Lightweight non-CFC foam material used as insulation) to prevent product movement. 


Do not allow vaccines to directly contact Icepacks, as they tend to freeze!!!


Close the bag securely.


Close and securely seal the insulated container with pressure-sensitive plastic tape.


Close and securely seal the corrugated box with pressure-sensitive plastic tape. Apply the same tape over all box flaps and seams to restrict air infiltration.


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